Eleisha is not only knowledgable and efficient, she is also effective. She performs tasks and solves problems with an effortless smile. She is fun to work with as well as honest and hard working. If I ever come back and need a fixer in New Zealand, she will be my first call. Her and her team made my life as a producer much easier, and our shoot would not have been as smooth without her!

Michelle Abnet, Producer, Evolve Digital Cinema / IMG 


Stock footage shoot for National Geographic Channel

Nz Fixer New Zealand Fixer Filming in New Zealand


Fixer New Zealand

Eleisha is resourceful, diligent and dedicated. She's an excellent researcher who found great interview subjects, set up our shoots, and did some of the interviews for us. She's an asset to any crew. Brilliant.

Stuart Coxe, President

Antica Productions


Eleisha has an exceptional ability to find - and fix - anything. An inveterate searcher with an indomitable spirit she can suss out anything she sets her mind too. Eleisha is always a pleasure to have on any team and on any project no matter how ambitious.... And, as anyone who has worked with her in the field knows, she is fun and funny - good humour being a critical ingredient in any successful outcome.

Jim Williamson, Executive Producer, the fifth estate, CBC Television 


Working with Eleisha is an absolute delight. she is thorough, meticulous, economical and practical. A true professional in all aspects of television production.

Megan Beeckmans, Production Co-ordinator, The Nature of Things

CBC Television


I am delighted to recommend Eleisha whole-heartedly to anyone looking for a skilled, resourceful and thorough journalist. She served a number of functions with our company - researching, coordination, writing and of course directing. She did them all with flair and imagination. She is also a pleasure to work with. I wish she hadn't chosen to leave Canada.

Gordon Henderson, President and Executive Producer

90th Parallel Productions


I'm still disappointed that Eleisha is no longer with us here in Canada. The best producer and fixer I've ever worked with bar none. I recommend her without blinking an eye, not just for her ability to get things done, but also because she understands how to tell a story. And she's an exceptional journalist. Our loss is New Zealand's gain. 

Andrew Gregg, Director

Andrew Gregg Films

Working with Eleisha is a director's dream. She's the whole producer package - tactful yet tough, independent but a team player, able to help you create the big picture while paying attention to the smallest details. Plus, she charms everyone she meets and is a pleasure to be with, whether you're shooting in the field or sharing a pint at the pub.

Leora Eisen, Director

We engaged Eleisha to help us set-up a four part documentary series for the BBC that we were to film in New Zealand. And I am absolutely delighted that we did so. Eleisha's work was exemplary... Our crew members on this shoot have, between them, many, many years experience of filming in all parts of the world - so it is worth noting that they all agreed that, thanks to Eleisha, this was the best organised foreign shoot they had ever been on. I can only add that it was also a real pleasure to work with Eleisha. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Michael Hewitt, Executive Producer, DoubleBand Films


Brave New World - four-part documentary series for BBC NI

We had a great experience working with NZ Fixer. Eleisha took care of everything for us. She managed and juggled our schedule, got all of our permits and permissions and took care of every crisis that came up - all on a very tight timeline. If you are a broadcaster coming to New Zealand for a shoot - I’d highly recommend NZ Fixer. We couldn’t have pulled off what we did without them!

Timothy Sawa, Producer, CBC's the fifth estate


 NZ Fixer has shut up shop. Thank you to all the loyal clients who have used NZ Fixer and recommended us over the years - we've loved working with all of you! To those who've just discovered us - we're sorry! If you want to get hold of Eleisha, find her over at emccontent.co.nz.  

Our company shoots worldwide and NZ Fixer has been the absolute best production service we've used so far. Eleisha is an angel of patience and arranging all of our needs was painless. The payment was lumped into one fair price; not once did a surprise fee come up or questionable expense. The drivers and PA’s hired through NZ Fixer were absolutely amazing and on point in work ethic. We were able to get everything we needed for our shoot. They are hard working, kind and efficient. I wish they could arrange the rest of our shoots around the world!

Rachael Hopkins, Production Coordinator, Brentwood Communications International Inc (BCII)


Car Crazy - for Velocity Channel

We used NZ Fixer for our International cookery series and Eleisha was great! We had to gear up very last minute and with our Christmas break/NZ summer holiday’s in the middle of prep - it was a very pressured setup and shoot. We had issues with the tight turnaround in regards to our visa’s, crew, locations and logistics - Eleisha was great throughout. Always a pleasure to get on the phone and chat through any problems - would highly recommend.

Lindsay Tweedie, Production manager, Waddell Media

Paul and Nick's Big Food Trip (for BBC, STV, ITV)

Eleisha is equal parts easy going, fun to work with, connected and exceedingly efficient.  I highly recommend her for any of your production needs in New Zealand or wherever in the world the job may be.

Elgin Fulton, Producer, CNN’s “The Wonder List with Bill Weir

Eleisha was our local fixer for an episode of a BBC online series that took place in Wellington. We certainly appreciated her quick responses even during the holiday season.

She was great at getting us the right locations and the right contacts in such an economical way that we can't thank her enough. On the top of that, she is a fun and kind person who is just so pleasant to be around. 

​Hillian Siu, Line Producer, Propagandeur (for BBC Travel)

I can’t recommend Eleisha highly enough. We worked with her on a high end National Geographic series that required split crews across NZ, very complicated logistics and challenging location access. Eleisha not only ensured that everything went smoothly, she also was a delight to work with and will definitely be my first choice for a NZ fixer in the future.   

Chris Baron, Producer, Nutopia Ltd
One Strange Rock (for National Geographic Channel)

Eleisha was our fixer for the Comedy Central series 'Joel & Nish Vs the World' in which comedians Joel Dommett and Nish Kumar travelled to New Zealand to join a sheep shearing gang.  She was invaluable in pre-production, helping us gain access to excellent sheep shearing contractors, setting up locations and helping with filming logistics. 

She's also very easy and fun to work with and kindly helped us when our camera broke, even though it was the weekend and in the middle of her daughter's birthday party!

Sheila Risk, Producer, Rumpus Media

Joel and Nish VS the World (for Comedy Central)

Eleisha was a top notch fixer, with top notch contacts. We hired NZ Fixer for a commercial spot with some really tough deadlines and requests for rare Maori tattoo artists and old school Ta Moko. They rocked it 200%, our shoot went so smoothly! Confident NZ Fixer can handle any type of production big or small. We will be using Eleisha's awesome line up of crew again anytime we are shooting in NZ.

Courtney Crockett, Producer @ committee films


Sperry Shoes Odyssey Project

From helping arrange an interview with the Prime Minister, to finding the best possible drivers for the team, Eleisha and NZ Fixer took great care of The Wonder List.

We recommend her highly.

Bill Weir, Host, The Wonder List with Bill Weir