BBC Two - Brave New World, Series 1: New Zealand, produced by DoubleBand Films. Shot in 2014.

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Nationwide fixers for this series, now in its third season. 

Image shoot for National Geographic.

Fixers for this multi-city, multi-location shoot which took place early 2015.

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Fixers for the New Zealand episode of CNN's The Wonder List with Bill Weir, season 3. Filmed in 2016 and screened in 2017.

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Fixers for the New Zealand episode of this show, screening in 2018.

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Fixers for Paul and Nick's Big Food Trip - New Zealand series, screening in 2018.

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Fixers for BBC Travel branded content, shot in Wellington in early 2017.

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Fixers for this Velocity Channel show, shot in the Coromandel in 2015.

​Fixers for the New Zealand shoots in this Canadian documentary for the CBC, shot in late 2016.

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Fixers for en episode set in New Zealand. Screening in 2018.

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Fixers for the New Zealand shoots in this CBC documentary, shot in late 2015.

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Fixers for the New Zealand episode of this web series for shoemakers Sperry, shot in mid 2015.

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Fixers for an episode of Joel and Nish VS the World as they experience life as sheep shearers! Screening in 2018.


TVC for Kennards Hire, New Zealand, produced by Kontented (Australia.) Shot in 2014.


Fixers for the New Zealand segments in this amazing series, hosted by Will Smith and executive produced by Darren Aronofsky, screening in 2018.

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New Zealand fixers for this cross-media series, shot in 2016. Also provided crew for New Caledonia shoot.

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Fixers for Wanted Down Under season 12, screening in 2018.

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